Ancient Chinese Medicine

"Quiet peacefulness, absolute emptiness - the true qi follows [these states]. When essence and spirit are guarded internally, where could a disease come from?"

- Huangdi Neijing Su Wen, trans. Paul Unschuld

Ancient Chinese Medicine has been quietly thriving for thousands of years under the treatment notion that “the subtle rules the dense.” This is to say that one can work through dense or physical blockages of the mind, body and spirit by way of subtle energetic shifts. The intention of working with these subtle shifts is to return one’s being to its innate nature of harmony that can nourish and protect itself.

Ancient Chinese Medicine is unique as it is one of the few ancient indigenous medicines whose core texts have been preserved throughout the history of time. It is a holistic and individualized medicine that treats dis-ease through the present context of one’s inner state of disharmony. In this way, Ancient Chinese Medicine is a dynamic medicine and remains capable of treating many unique cases that other medicines might struggle with due to limitations of a reductionist framework.

Many modalities can be utilized within the framework of Ancient Chinese Medicine to help regulate the body's innate healing capacity. Traditionally, these modalities include herbal formulations, acupuncture, moxibustion, bodywork, qigong, food energetics, and more. The most widely known modality that is used within its system here in the United States is acupuncture.

From an Ancient Chinese Medical perspective, the acupuncture meridians are like rivers of communication that flow between different organ networks. Acupuncture or any form of therapy that works with the meridian system helps to open and free these lines of communication. This ultimately supports cohesive vitality and overall ease in the body, while simultaneously helping the immune system defend itself against external pathogens rather than get bogged down by them.

From a Biomedical perspective, acupuncture stimulates the vagus nerve, opens neural pathways, regulates hormones, circulates blood flow and activates the network between the nervous system and the endocrine system to return the body to an optimal state of function.

The ultimate intention of Ancient Chinese Medicine is to help the body re-align with the healing wisdom that already exists within it by promoting cohesive communication and function. When all facets of one’s being flow harmoniously without blockage, no dis-ease can thrive.